African Mango Seed Extract Benefits

What is African mango seed extract?

African mango seed extract, whose scientific name is Irvingia gabonensis, comes from the tropical rain forest on the west coast of Asia in Cameroon, Africa, as the name implies. Do you know African mango seed extract benefits?

This is the only place in the world where African mangoes are produced. African mango is also called shrub mango,

Different from other mangoes, it can produce a special kind of seed, which is smaller than other mango seeds. The locals in Cameroon call it “Dika nuts”.

The proportion of the rich population in the local area is very low, which arouses the curiosity of scholars to investigate. It turns out that they often eat Ogbono soup, which is a thick soup made from vegetables, stewed meat, and African mango seeds.

For hundreds of years, the value of the extract from the seeds of a kind of wild African mango seed oil has been widely used by local villagers in Cameroon, Africa, and it has its effects in helping to adjust physical fitness.

Because of the natural extract source, even well-known doctors in Europe and the United States strongly recommend African mango seeds.

Although this effect has long been popular in Africa, African mango seeds have only recently begun to prevail in the United States and are widely used by the public.

In 2010, the most popular television program in the United States also conducted a special analysis report on this superfruit.

African mango seed extract benefits

Eating a sufficient intake of African mango seed extract has many benefits.

Here is a summary of the benefits of African mango seed extract. The following lists the main effects of African mango seed extract for your reference.

You can also learn more about your consumption of African mango seed extract. Functional feedback and benefits on the body.

  1. Suppress appetite
  2. Block heat absorption
  3. Promote fat burning
  4. Weight control
  5. Reduce body fat
  6. Waist circumference is reduced

Lack of African mango seed extract diseases and symptoms

Mentioned the benefits of adequate intake of African mango seed extract for the human body, and also known that it can suppress appetite and reduce calorie absorption.

Suppression of appetite will not consume too much calories, and will also reduce the following diseases and symptoms:

  1. Excessive calories are more likely to cause obesity.
  2. Type II diabetes
  3. Cardiovascular diseases

Side effects of African mango seed extract overdose

The IGOB131® African mango seed produced by the US patented GHA factory has more than 20 years of research foundation, and 3 clinical trials with more than 200 research subjects have been published.

And approved by Taiwan FDA as a food raw material (GRAS Certificate), and in line with international standards of Kosher certification and halal certification.

Two US efficacy patents U.S. Patent 7,537,790 (2009) U.S. Patent 9,480,724 also prove that IGOB131® African Mango Seed is safe and stable, and it is also a branded raw material recommended by many medical aesthetics.

Based on the above, it is also known that African mango seed extract is a safe health ingredient for most people, but it has been reported that if the intake is excessive, depending on the person, there may be side effects such as dry mouth, flatulence and headache.

Therefore, it is also very important to understand the intake and eating methods of African mango seed extract!

Natural food African mango seed extract

African mango is a natural food, but if you want to have health benefits, it is recommended to choose a health brand with the original African mango seed certification: IGOB131®.

Precautions for taking African mango seed extract

How to eat African mango seed extract is also very important.

Here are some precautions that need to be paid attention to, or the effects and benefits of different ingredients due to the combination of ingredients.

Generally speaking, African mango seed extract can be eaten before lunch and dinner.

  1. It is also reminded that it must be eaten regularly and in a sufficient amount to achieve the desired effect.
  2. It is not recommended for pregnant women, breastfeeding women, underage children, and people with poor liver and kidney function.
  3. For those who take drugs, African mango seed extract will delay the emptying of food and may affect the efficacy of the drug. Therefore, it is recommended to ask a doctor to evaluate how to eat it.

Recommended daily amount of African mango seed extract

In addition to the precautions on how to eat, another important point is how to eat enough to not exceed the amount.

According to the recommendations of human clinical trials,

Suggested daily intake: 300 mg.

Need to supplement African mango seed extract group

African mango seed extract is not only good for weight management, but also has great effects on blood lipid control.

So it is recommended that there is a demand, which is suitable for supplementation.

  1. Those who eat big fish and meat.
  2. Those who don’t want to sacrifice their food for weight loss.
  3. People can’t help seeing fried food.
  4. Those who want to lose fat but don’t want to lose muscle.
  5. Those with high blood lipids.

How to choose the best African mango seed extract

There are many health food brands related to African mango seed extract on the market.

Compare each of them with their own advantages and disadvantages in terms of eating methods and ingredients.

How to choose high-quality African mango seed extract supplements?

We have compiled the most frequently recommended supplements for everyone.

After the differences and common points between brands, sort out the following selection methods~

Selection method 1: Which African mango seed extract is the better quality?

First of all, health foods are also a kind of food, and they are divided into different levels like general foods.

The same is tea, from different origins (Vietnam, Alishan or Japan), the grade and cost of course vary greatly.

“Raw materials” are an important key to the composition of a food. The level of ingredients used in health foods will also greatly affect the effect and quality.

So you have to keep your eyes open to see the grade of the African mango seed extract of each brand. Of course, the cost of more advanced raw materials will be higher.

U.S. GHA patented raw material IGOB131® African mango seeds, through a unique three-stage water extraction technology, without adding any chemical solvents, it retains rich albumin and ellagic acid, and is rich in water-soluble fiber, which can increase satiety!

It does not contain any allergens, which is different from the traditional Taiwanese native mango.

IGOB131® African Mango Seed has more than 20 years of research foundation, and 3 clinical trials with more than 200 subjects have been published.

And approved by Taiwan FDA as an ingredient that can be used as food raw materials, and meets international standards of Kosher and Halal certification.

Two US efficacy patents U.S. Patent 7,537,790 (2009) U.S. Patent 9,480,724 also prove that the safety of IGOB131® African mango seeds is very high!

Selection method 2: Meet the sufficient dose to be effective

Regarding the intake of African mango seed extract, according to the original laboratory research in the United States, the recommended daily intake of African mango seed extract is more than 300 mg.

Therefore, it is recommended to choose a brand that has declared ingredient content and can provide sufficient intake.

So when choosing a suitable brand, remember to pay attention to whether the content of African mango seed extract in this African mango seed extract supplement is appropriate.

Selection Method 3: Whether to add beneficial compound collocation (e.g. white kidney beans, fruit and vegetable enzymes)

Many people are curious about how white kidney beans should be eaten to achieve greater effects. Choosing a combination of beneficial ingredients is the key to correct eating!

For example, you can choose a brand with white kidney beans to help adjust your physical fitness and improve your metabolism.
Or there is a combination of basic vegetable and fruit nutrition, through the vegetable and fruit enzymes to help the body achieve balance, and can help smooth defecation and regulate physiological functions.

Selection method 4: Small package is better

Health foods are frequently switched on and off for use, which is easy to absorb water and become damp.

Large bottles are relatively easy to be damp and deteriorated when they are switched on and off daily.

It is recommended to choose a small package brand.

Selection method 5: Capsules or powder packets are better than tablets

It is required in the manufacturing process. Usually, tablets need to be made with more chemical compounds.

Therefore, when making a brand selection, it is recommended to choose brands that use capsules or powder packs.

Selection method 6: It is more at ease to choose raw materials from world-class factories

In the face of many brands, choosing raw materials from major manufacturers in the world is a good criterion for judging the quality of raw materials. Because the quality of major manufacturers must meet the standards of various countries in the world, they must obtain multiple inspections, so it is more for consumers. Guaranteed.

Selection method 7: Choose brands that have passed many inspections and certifications

When making a brand selection, of course, the more inspections and certifications the product has obtained, the better, and let a credible unit help you check.

Selection method 8: Vegetarians should pay attention to whether it is vegan or not

While paying attention to the intake of different brands, how to eat, and how to eat to achieve better results, as eating habits change, there are more and more vegetarians.

Vegetarians should remember to pay attention to whether the brand they choose It is vegan and edible.

If it is a capsule, please pay attention to whether it is a plant-based capsule~

Where can I buy the best African Mango Seed Extract supplements?

In recent years, food safety problems in various countries have exploded, and it is not healthy but black-hearted products that everyone spends on. Therefore, European and American products with relatively strict quality control have become popular products.

And is a large-scale medical cosmetics e-commerce company in the United States. It has a high satisfaction rate of 97% in the evaluation of Google customers. It provides global home delivery so that you can buy it without risking buying fakes through purchasing high-quality health products.

African Mango Seed Extract

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