Benefits And Side Effects Of Zinc

What is zinc?

Most people do not know that zinc is a trace element second only to iron in the human body and plays an important role in the metabolism and growth of the human body. Do you know the benefits And Side Effects Of zinc?

It is also an important component of male semen and an essential component for embryo and fetal growth.

Zinc is an important component of more than 200 kinds of enzymes in the human body.

It is good for maintaining normal taste and appetite, growth, and reproductive function, and helps skin tissue protein synthesis.

It also participates in the synthesis of collagen together with vitamin C, so it can improve skin health and has the effect of making hair shiny and elastic.

Human body benefits of zinc

There are many benefits of consuming enough zinc.

Here is a summary of the effects of zinc. The main effects of zinc are listed below for your reference.

You can also better understand the effects and benefits of zinc supplementation on your body.

  1. It has positive benefits for male infertility.
  2. Strengthen immunity, accelerate cold recovery.
  3. Help children grow.
  4. Help the wound heal.
  5. Speed ​​up skin metabolism and reduce acne symptoms.
  6. Improve blood sugar and blood lipids.
  7. Good for brain health.

Zinc deficiency diseases and symptoms

In addition to mentioning the benefits of sufficient zinc in the human body, I also compiled the diseases that may be caused by zinc deficiency.

After medical comparison, it was found that if the human body is short of zinc for a long time, the following symptoms may occur.

  1. Growth retardation.
  2. diarrhea.
  3. Hair loss, dry skin, and malnutrition of nails.
  4. decrease in immunity.
  5. Male sexual dysfunction (erectile dysfunction).
  6. Diminished or lost sense of taste and smell.
  7. Poor memory.
  8. Increase the risk of depression.

Side effects of zinc overdose

Although zinc has many benefits to the human body, it is also very important to control the intake. Excessive amounts are not good.

Excessive zinc intake not only does not benefit the body, but it may also cause drowsiness, difficulty writing, staggering, emotional restlessness, vomiting, and dehydration.

Therefore, it is also important to understand the amount of zinc intake and how to eat it!

Natural foods rich in zinc

It is also recommended to supplement zinc through natural foods.

The following summarizes the natural foods with high zinc content and recommends zinc supplementation for everyone.

Recommended animal ingredients for zinc supplementation:

Lean meat, pork liver, fish, eggs, etc. have high zinc content and are easier to absorb by the body.

Crustaceans (such as oysters, clams, oysters, mussel shells, shrimps, etc.) contain a lot of zinc. Among them, oysters have the highest zinc content.

Recommended plant-based ingredients for zinc supplementation:

Pumpkin seeds, soybeans, soybeans, wheat, barley, corn, sesame, brewer’s yeast, walnuts, etc.

Precautions for taking zinc

How to eat it when supplementing zinc is also very important.

The following are some precautions that need to be paid attention to in the way of eating or the effects and benefits of different ingredients due to the combination of ingredients.

  1. Generally speaking, zinc can be taken with three meals a day, but it should be noted that the intake should not be excessive. And zinc works together with vitamin B complex, vitamin A, calcium, and phosphorus, which is beneficial in terms of efficacy.
  2. Phytic acid, oxalic acid, and dietary fiber in plants will be combined with zinc, which will affect the absorption rate of zinc. At the same time, please pay attention when eating, or at least one hour apart.
  3. Excessive intake of zinc will interfere with the storage and absorption of the mineral iron and copper, so pay attention to how you eat it.

Recommended zinc intake

In addition to the precautions on how to eat, another important point is how to eat enough to not exceed the intake.

Recommended intake for adult men: 15 mg.

Recommended intake for adult women: 12 mg.

Recommended zinc intake for breastfeeding women: 15 mg.

Who needs to supplement zinc

Most people think that only men need zinc supplementation. This concept actually needs to be revised.

Zinc is not only good for men but also has great effects on children’s growth and adult skin and hair health. Therefore, it is recommended that as long as there is a deficiency in the diet, both men and women are suitable for supplementation.

  1. Pregnant, breastfeeding women and adolescents. Increasing zinc intake can help the physical development and growth of fetuses, infants, and adolescents.
  2. In patients after injury or surgery, zinc combined with vitamin C can promote collagen production, which is good for wound healing.
  3. Patients with reproductive organ diseases, improve female menstrual pain and male sexual function.
  4. Elderly people can strengthen body immunity by supplementing zinc.
  5. Vegetarians: The zinc content in fruits and vegetables is low, so they are more prone to insufficient zinc intake.

How to choose the best zinc products

There are many zinc-related health food brands on the market.

Compare each with its own advantages and disadvantages in terms of eating methods and ingredients.

We have compiled the differences and commonality among the most frequently recommended brands for everyone.

After sorting, sort out the following selection methods~

Selection Method 1: Which kind of zinc is the better quality?

Common ones on the market are zinc sulfate, zinc gluconate, chelated zinc, and zinc yeast.

Natural ingredients: zinc yeast (the latest technology, natural fermentation extraction, on the one hand, improves the absorption of zinc, and the safety is relatively high).

Chemical composition: zinc sulfate, zinc gluconate, chelated zinc.

Different brands use different zinc sources.

In this era full of processed products, if you can eat natural extracts, you will still expect to eat as little as possible chemically synthesized ingredients and return to purer nutritional intake and supplements.

Selection Method 2: Remember to check the zinc content

The high content of zinc is not the best, the main reason is the bioavailability of this zinc source component in the human body and the appropriate content.

So when choosing the right brand, remember to pay attention to whether the zinc content in this zinc supplement is appropriate.

Selection Method 3: Whether to add beneficial compound collocation (e.g. Maca, B group)

Many people are curious about how zinc should be eaten to have a greater effect. Choosing a beneficial combination is the key to correct eating!

Selection Method 4: Small package is better

Because the weather in Taiwan is relatively humid, the large bottles are relatively susceptible to damp and deterioration.

Selection Method 5: Capsules or powder packets are better than tablets

It is required in the manufacturing process. Usually, tablets need to be made with more chemical compounds.

Therefore, when making a brand selection, it is recommended to choose brands that use capsules or powder packs.

Selection Method 6: Choose raw materials from the world’s largest factories more at ease

In the face of many brands, choosing raw materials from major manufacturers in the world is a good criterion for judging the quality of raw materials.

Because the quality of major manufacturers must meet the specifications of various countries in the world, they must obtain multiple inspections, so it is more for consumers. Guaranteed.

Selection Method 7: Select brands that have passed many inspections and certifications

When making a brand selection, of course, the more inspections and certifications the product has obtained, the better, and let a credible unit help you check.

Selection Method 8: Vegetarians should pay attention to whether it is vegan or not

While paying attention to the intake of different brands, how to eat, and how to eat to achieve better results, as eating habits change, there are more and more vegetarians.

Vegetarians should remember to pay attention to whether the brand they choose It is vegan and edible.

If it is a capsule, please pay attention to whether it is a plant-based capsule~

Where can I buy the best zinc supplements?

In recent years, food safety problems in various countries have exploded, and it is not healthy but black-hearted products that everyone spends on. Therefore, European and American products with relatively strict quality control have become popular products.

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