5 Benefits Of Sea Buckthorn Supplements

Sea buckthorn, belonging to the Elaeagnus family, is a cold-resistant deciduous shrub native to Asia and Europe, with orange-yellow fruits.

Sea buckthorn fruits, seeds, and other parts are rich in more than 100 kinds of nutrients, including vitamins, flavonoids, lycopene, carotenoids, phytosterols, and a variety of fatty acids, with rich nutrition and medical value, also known as magic fruits or superfood.

It is rumored that during the Yuan Dynasty, Genghis Khan often consumed Sea buckthorn fruit to strengthen his body and was one of the heroes who established the vast territory. Recently, the Soviet government often used to reduce the radiation damage of astronauts and regulate immunity.

Do you know the benefits of sea buckthorn supplements?

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What are the benefits recommended by Sea buckthorn?

1. Atopic dermatitis

Atopic dermatitis is a skin disease associated with allergies and is related to a variety of factor, including the influence of genetic, immune, and environmental factors. It is estimated that the incidence of children is about 15–30%, while that of adults is about 2–10%.

The disease mainly manifests as a chronic and recurrent itchy rash, which often co-occurs with asthma allergic rhinitis, conjunctivitis, and food allergies.

A double-blind controlled study found that (4 months, the subject is 49 patients with atopic dermatitis), Sea buckthorn fruit oil, and Sea buckthorn seed oil can help improve the symptoms of atopic dermatitis, but the sample number is small, To be further verified.

2. Beneficial cardiovascular disease

Cardiovascular disease is an inclusive term. Pan-index diseases with similar pathological symptoms are common. Coronary heart disease, cerebrovascular disease, peripheral arterial disease, rheumatic and congenital heart disease, venous thromboembolism.

The World Health Organization found that about 75% of early-onset cardiovascular diseases can be prevented by improving external factors. Related factors include smoking, stress, obesity, impatience, high blood pressure, high blood fat, and inactivity.

A randomized, double-blind controlled study (a 30-day, 32 ordinary people and 74 patients with hypertension and hyperlipidemia) pointed out that compared with placebo, oral Sea buckthorn oil, in addition, to help improve hypertension and hyperlipidemia, It can also improve the antioxidant capacity.

*Conclusion: Sea buckthorn oil is rich in Omega-3-6-9 and antioxidants, which may help reduce cardiovascular risk factors, but more empirical confirmation is still needed.

3. Vaginal atrophy

Vaginal atrophy is one of the most frequently complained symptoms of menopausal women, second only to hot flashes. According to statistics, about 75% of menopausal women will occur, caused by the decline of major female hormones.

Although hormone replacement therapy can effectively improve the symptoms of vaginal atrophy, there are doubts about increasing the risk of breast cancer and endometrial cancer.

A double-blind controlled study found (3 months, 116 patients with vaginitis associated with menopause), Sea buckthorn oil can help improve the integrity of vaginal epithelial cells and vaginal health index, or may be used as estrogen Therapist’s alternative.

4. Dry eye

Dry eye syndrome is a multifactorial disease caused by tears and the abnormal surface of the eyeball. It can show various symptoms, including pain, dryness, gritty, itchy, redness, foreign body sensation, light sensitivity, or fatigue.

This disease is mainly prevalent in middle-aged and elderly people, but due to the excessive use of mobile phones and computers, the incidence of young ethnic groups has soared, almost everyone has a prize.

A double-blind controlled study found that (3 months, 100 dry eye patients), Sea buckthorn oil, in addition to helping to reduce tear film osmolarity, can also reduce the eyes’ redness and burning sensation symptom.

*Tear fluid osmotic pressure is one of the criteria for diagnosing dry eye. Too high a value will activate the inflammation path and cause damage to eyeball epithelial cells.

5. Liver fibrosis

Liver fibrosis is caused by various liver diseases, mainly related to chronic viral infection, alcohol consumption, and non-alcoholic fatty liver.

This fibrosis process is mainly caused by excessively long and prolonged wound healing reactions (ie chronic inflammation), which often leads to excessive accumulation of extracellular matrix proteins and the formation of fibrous scars and nodules.

And the result of long-term fibrosis of liver cells may develop into cirrhosis, end-stage liver disease, or liver cancer.

A randomized controlled study found that (6 months, for 50 patients with stage I and II liver cirrhosis), Sea buckthorn extract can significantly reduce laminin, hyaluronic acid, type III, and type IV collagen And the value of total bile acids (indicating the benefit of disease progression).

In addition, the normalization of liver function indexes AST and ALT in subjects in the Sea buckthorn group is also faster, which shows that Sea buckthorn may become one of the options for the prevention and treatment of liver fibrosis in the future.

Are there any side effects of Sea buckthorn?

For ethnic groups with good health, Sea buckthorn fruit and Sea buckthorn oil are generally considered safe food, but side effects have been reported, including diarrhea, abdominal cramps, and other gastrointestinal problems.

Safety Precautions

Do not use for pregnant women, nursing mothers, children under 12 years of age, and those with abnormal liver, kidney, and intestinal functions (because the relevant safety is unknown).

After eating, it may cause dark yellow or reddish urine, which is usually harmless.

The safety of Sea buckthorn oil is unknown for a long time, so it is recommended not to use it for more than 3 months.

May have the anticoagulant effect, stop using it 2 weeks before the operation, do not eat or take with anticoagulant drugs.

Sea buckthorn fruit may have a blood pressure-lowering effect, so be careful if you have low blood pressure or take antihypertensive drugs.

Where to buy high-quality Sea buckthorn oil products?

In recent years, food safety problems in various countries have exploded, and it is not healthy but black-hearted products that everyone spends on. Therefore, European and American products with relatively strict quality control have become popular products.

And iHerb.com is a large-scale medical cosmetics e-commerce company in the United States. It has a high satisfaction rate of 97% in the evaluation of Google customers. It provides global home delivery so that you can buy it without risking buying fakes through purchasing high-quality health products.

Sea buckthorn

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