Can Vitamin C Prevent Coronavirus?

With the new coronavirus (2019-nCoV), also known as “Wuhan pneumonia”, the epidemic continues to spread around the world, and countries and health organizations around the world are actively developing new coronavirus/Wuhan pneumonia vaccines, and are working hard to develop relevant coronaviruses virus/Wuhan pneumonia drug.

However, the epidemic situation of the new coronavirus/Wuhan pneumonia cannot be effectively controlled, which also makes everyone panic. The Internet has also begun to spread many anti-epidemic diets and nutritional supplements.

One of the most intriguing discussions is “Can vitamin c prevent coronavirus?”

Today, let me spend 3 minutes sorting out for you, the relationship between vitamin C and the new coronavirus/Wuhan pneumonia.

Let everyone grasp the correct concept of eating vitamin C, to resist the new coronavirus/Wuhan pneumonia.

You must first understand the relationship between vitamin C and resistance/immunity

The main transmission route of the new coronavirus/Wuhan pneumonia is droplet infection, so if the mucosa is not healthy, it may increase the risk of infection with the new coronavirus/Wuhan pneumonia!

The first line of defense for the body’s immunity and resistance is the mucosa, so ingesting more nutrients that help strengthen the health of the mucosa will be a helpful direction. Vitamin C is one of the relatively easy-to-eat nutrients.

Vitamin C has a high degree of antioxidant power. Together with vitamin C, it can stimulate the body to produce interferon to destroy viruses, maintain the integrity of cell membranes and respiratory mucosa, and have physiological effects on the regulation of the immune system.

By maintaining the health of the eyes, nose, mouth, lungs, and the mucous membranes and skin of the gastrointestinal tract, it can help strengthen the first line of defense of the immune system to enhance self-protection.

What is the relationship between Wuhan pneumonia/new coronavirus infection mechanism and vitamin C?

A few days ago, a global public health lecture on new coronavirus/Wuhan pneumonia was delivered by Professor Wu Jun, a Chinese American medical doctor.

Professor Wu mentioned: “The mechanism of the new coronavirus pneumonia/Wuhan pneumonia is actually a large amount of excessive immune response. Organ damage caused by free radicals. ”

And what is free radical? Free radicals are actually a very active chemical substance, which is particularly easy to react with other things.

After the reaction, the protein will deteriorate and the DNA will be damaged…etc.

It can be imagined that free radicals are as destructive as cannonballs, and the body’s immune cells will help resist and remove the bacteria, viruses, and other substances that the cannonballs bring into our bodies.

However, artillery shells are inseparable from each other. They can kill enemies and may hurt their own people. Imagine that if there is a war in the lungs, it may cause a defensive reaction such as fever, and even more immune cells.

Fully mobilized to release a larger amount of free radicals, it is easy to cause damage to cells and organs.

Vitamin C is a high level of antioxidants. In terms of opportunity, through the intake of a large amount of vitamin C, it can theoretically suppress the production of excessive free radicals.

So can vitamin C be used to treat Wuhan pneumonia/new coronavirus?

Standing on the evidence that medicine needs science and empirical evidence, I do not currently agree that this is the correct concept.

After all, Wuhan pneumonia/new coronavirus is a new type of infectious virus and its mechanism may have variability. The experimental data cannot convince everyone that vitamin C can directly treat Wuhan pneumonia/new coronavirus.

Therefore, correct quarantine and notification, as well as the current standardized treatment of Wuhan pneumonia/new coronavirus-related processes are necessary. In medicine, we are talking about scientific evidence and verification of large amounts of data.

Typical symptoms of Wuhan pneumonia/new coronavirus:

  1. Fever (above 38 degrees).
  2. Sore throat, swollen throat.
  3. cough.
  4. Limb weakness.
  5. There may be symptoms of dyspnea.

If the typical symptoms of Wuhan pneumonia/new coronavirus appeared 14 days ago, people who had traveled to the Wuhan government’s warning area for Wuhan pneumonia/new coronavirus infection, traveled to nearby areas or had contact with people with Wuhan pneumonia/new coronavirus symptoms, It is strongly recommended to wear a mask for medical diagnosis.

How to eat vitamin C? What is the daily intake of vitamin C?

Vitamin C is a water-soluble vitamin, so it is not stored in the body and cannot be synthesized by itself. Therefore, it needs to be obtained through daily supplements, mainly through daily diet and health food supplements.

4 food recommendations rich in vitamin C for everyone:

  1. Ballet 214 mg (red heart content is higher than normal)
  2. Bitter melon 120 mg
  3. Kiwifruit 100 mg (golden content higher than green meat)
  4. Papaya 80 mg

If you can’t take into consideration a balanced diet or regular external food considerations, it is also a good way to choose natural extracts of vitamin C health food to supplement.

If vitamin C is supplemented by healthy foods, it is recommended to eat 30 minutes after any of the three meals. It will be recommended that vitamin C is sour after meals. If you eat it on an empty stomach before meals, people with sensitive stomachs are more likely to feel uncomfortable.

According to the recommendations, the minimum recommended daily intake of vitamin C for an average adult is 100 mg, and the maximum upper limit is 2000 mg. A moderate amount of supplementation is still the best.

Generally, the effective content of naturally extracted vitamin C is generally 30-150mg, and only chemically synthesized vitamin C will be the content of 500-2000mg.

You can understand the truth by simply inferring:

A lemon contains about 50mg of vitamin C + there will be losses in the process of making and concentrating

If you want to produce 500mg or 1000mg of natural extracted vitamin C, and then correspond to the cost of the price.

I think everyone can already understand the reason and reason why chemical compounds are used instead of natural.

Where can I buy the most recommended Vitamin C?

In recent years, food safety problems in various countries have exploded, and it is not healthy but black-hearted products that everyone spends on. Therefore, European and American products with relatively strict quality control have become popular products.

And is a large-scale medical cosmetics e-commerce company in the United States. It has a high satisfaction rate of 97% in the evaluation of Google customers. It provides global home delivery so that you can buy it without risking buying fakes through purchasing high-quality health products.

Vitamin C

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Share 2 principles to choose high-quality vitamin C health food

1. Selecting natural sources of vitamin C is better than chemical synthesis

Naturally extracted vitamin C is easy for the human body to absorb, without any burden. Generally, the content of natural extracted vitamin C, effective vitamin C is generally 30-150mg.

Because of the poor absorption rate of chemically synthesized vitamin C, the content will always be more than 500mg. Choose a natural source of extraction (e.g. West Indian Cherry Powder) and use it in your daily diet. In fact, it is enough!

2. Choose capsules and powdered vitamin C better than buccal tablets/lozenges

If anyone who reads my teacher’s article often knows, I often say that lozenges actually need to be added with more artificial compounds to make, and lozenges are also the dosage forms with the lowest cost of health food production.

Vitamin C tablets = Vitamin C powder + excipient + adhesive + chemical composition

Vitamin C lozenge = vitamin C powder + excipient + adhesive + chemical juice, flavoring agent, sucrose

Therefore, it is more recommended to choose the dosage form mainly in the form of capsules and powder packets.


Finally, let me review the key points for you. As long as you master the following selection rules of vitamin C, you can choose safe and healthy natural vitamin C products~

Based on the above points, a good “vitamin C” should meet the following conditions:

  1. “Naturally extracted raw materials” is a better choice (e.g. West Indian Cherry Powder)
  2. Capsules and powders are better than oral lozenges/lozenges
  3. It is better if the ingredients are simple without excessive addition
  4. Brands that use patented raw materials are more secure
  5. Reassuring with SGS inspection (Western medicine, heavy metals)

Don’t forget to remind everyone that in this special period of Wuhan pneumonia/new coronavirus, wash your hands frequently, wear masks correctly, pair with a healthy daily routine, diet, and supplement with beneficial health foods (eg natural extracted vitamin C).

I believe we can be healthy together after the extraordinary period of Wuhan pneumonia/new coronavirus.