The Benefits Of Vitamin K

The Benefits Of Vitamin K

What is Vitamin K? Vitamin K is a less-discussed fat-soluble vitamin ingredient. Do you what is the benefits of vitamin k? ‚ÄčIn the physiological mechanism of the human body, Vitamin K is an essential component for the synthesis of Gla-protein. Gla-protein interacts with coagulation factors in the human body, maintains bone strength, inhibits vascular wall … Read more

What Are The Side Effects Of Probiotics?

What are Probiotics? Probiotics generally refer to a variety of microorganisms that are beneficial to the host. Do you know what are the side effects of probiotics? They colonize the human system and can produce effects such as helping to maintain smoothness, maintaining the balance of bacteria, and exerting beneficial effects. Probiotics, which are beneficial … Read more

What Are The Side Effects Of Maca?

What Are The Side Effects Of Maca

What is Maca? Maca scientific name Lepidium meyenii, also known as Peruvian ginseng. Maca is a plateau plant of the cruciferous family. It is native to plateau plants above 4000 meters above the Peruvian Andes in South America. It survives in extreme climatic environments, thus creating its toughness. ‚ÄčContaining unique ingredients Macaamide and Macaene have … Read more

What Are The Side Effects Of Turmeric?

What are the uses of Turmeric? Turmeric is a plant belonging to the genus Turmeric of the Zingiberaceae family. Its roots are commonly used to make medicine and can be widely used for many diseases, such as Arthritis, gastroesophageal reflux, stomach pain, joint pain, Crohn’s Disease, Ulcerative Colitis, Heart Bypass Surgery, postoperative care, bleeding, diarrhea, … Read more

What Are The Side Effects Of Fish Oil?

What are the uses of fish oil? We can ingest fish oil from fish or supplements, and fish oil is usually used to treat the following conditions: High triglycerides. heart disease. Prevents reocclusion of blood vessels after Angioplasty. Treatment of miscarriage in women with an autoimmune disease, Antiphospholipid syndrome. Treat children with Attention deficit-hyperactivity disorder. … Read more

What Are The Benefits Of Taking Vitamin D?

What Are The Benefits Of Taking Vitamin D

Basic concepts of Vitamin D Vitamin D is a trace vitamin found in certain foods, including herring, mackerel, sardine, and tuna fat. Vitamin D is sometimes added to dairy products, juices, and cereals for easier access to Vitamin D. Among them, such products are called “Vitamin D enhanced” products. However, most Vitamin D is obtained … Read more