The Side Effects Of B Complex

What is Vitamin B Complex?

It’s the largest and most effective of all nutrients, with 8 ingredients in total. Do you know the side effects of B Complex?

​Vitamin B Complex includes the following:

B1 (thiamin): Promote blood circulation, and assist the production of gastric acid, blood formation, and metabolism. Contribute to the health of the intestines, stomach, and heart muscle tissue

B2 (riboflavin): a nutrient necessary for growth and cell regeneration, can maintain the health of skin and mucous membranes, and promote the healthy growth of skin, hair, and nails

B3 (niacin): Maintains the blood circulation system, inhibits skin melanin production, and also helps the wounded skin cells to recover

B5 (pantothenic acid): Can help cell formation, maintain normal growth, and central nervous system operation. It is one of the indispensable substances that fat and carbohydrates become energy. It also has the function of making antibodies, which can help fight infectious diseases

B6 (pyridoxine): It mainly acts on the blood, muscles, nerves, and skin of the human body. Assist in the discharge of nitrogenous wastes, the synthesis of antibodies, the production of gastric acid in the digestive system, the utilization of fat and protein, and the stabilization of the nervous system

B7 (Biotin): Assist the metabolism of fat, protein, and carbohydrates, promote sweat glands, nerve tissue, bone marrow, male gonads, skin and hair health

B9 (folic acid): Deoxynucleic acid (DNA) and ribonucleic acid (RNA) are indispensable for cell division and the production of genetic genes. Folic acid can also help regulate the development of embryonic nerve cells, allowing them to grow and develop normally

B12 (cobalamin): Has hematopoiesis, maintains nervous system function, DNA synthesis, maintains intact gastrointestinal mucosa and participates in the metabolism of protein, fat, and carbohydrates

Vitamin B Complex is mainly used as a coenzyme in the human body. It is an essential component for energy production (synthesis of ATP) and the synthesis of fatty acids and amino acids. If it is lacking, it will seriously affect physiological functions. Our body needs Vitamin B Complex to achieve good health.

Because Vitamin B Complex is a water-soluble vitamin, it will leave the body with water metabolism (e.g. sweating, urination), and the body cannot produce vitamins on its own, so it is important to obtain adequate intake from the outside.

The human body effect of the B group

Sufficient intake of Vitamin B Complex has many benefits. Here is a summary of the effects of Vitamin B Complex. The main effects of Vitamin B Complex are listed below for your reference. You can also better understand the effects of supplementing Vitamin B Complex on the body. Feedback and benefits.

  1. Contribute to “human metabolism”.
  2. Helps “eliminate fatigue”.
  3. Helps “help sleep”.
  4. Helps relieve “depression symptoms”.
  5. Helps reduce “airborne particulate PM2.5 damage”.
  6. Helps reduce “the incidence of stroke”.
  7. Helps to improve “obesity/overweight problems”.
  8. Helps reduce the incidence of pancreatic cancer.
  9. Good for “Parkinson’s Disease”.
  10. It is good for “schizophrenia”.
  11. Help reduce the “risk of colorectal cancer”.
  12. Helps “improve stress resistance”.
  13. Help reduce the “incidence of cardiovascular disease”.
  14. Helps reduce the “risk of dementia”.

Deficiency in Vitamin B Complex diseases and symptoms

In addition to mentioning the benefits of sufficient vitamin B complex in the human body, I also sorted out the diseases that may be caused by a lack of vitamin B complex. After medical comparison, it is found that if the human body lacks vitamin B complex for a long time, the following symptoms may be caused.

  1. Decreased immunity, easy allergies, colds.
  2. It is more prone to hair loss, acne, skin itching often occurs when the season changes.
  3. Palpitations, dizziness, irritability, light sleep often dream.
  4. Abnormal metabolism leads to obesity and menstrual disorders.
  5. Stomach upset, constipation, diarrhea.
  6. People who lack energy often yawn, chest tightness, and shortness of breath.
  7. Cracked quarrel.
  8. Dry and cracked finger skin.

The Side Effects Of B Complex?

Although Vitamin B Complex has many benefits to the human body, it is also important to control the amount of intake. Excessive amounts are not good.

Vitamin B Complex is a safer water-soluble vitamin, which can be excreted through urine. However, if you take too much for a long time, not only will it not be good for the body, but it may also cause neuropathy and sleeplessness. Studies have pointed out that excessive long-term intake will increase the risk of hip fracture.

Therefore, it is also important to understand the intake and eating methods of Vitamin B Complex!

Natural foods rich in Vitamin B Complex

It is also recommended to supplement Vitamin B Complex through natural foods.

The following sorted out natural foods that contain a high amount of Vitamin B Complex in terms of ingredients and recommend to everyone to supplement Vitamin B Complex.

It is recommended to supplement the animal ingredients of Vitamin B Complex:

  • Lean meat, fish, offal, milk, etc.

It is recommended to supplement the plant-based ingredients of Vitamin B Complex:

  • Beans, whole grains, dark vegetables, fruits, etc.

The human body cannot synthesize Vitamin B Complex on its own. It must be taken from food, but how to cook and eat is a problem.

Water-soluble Vitamin B Complex is easily destroyed by heat during cooking, and excessive intake will also be excreted through urine.

In addition, modern people consume a large amount of Vitamin B Complex due to abnormal diet, stress, staying up late, etc., which necessitates additional supplementation.

The following is a list of the 8 kinds of natural foods that can supplement the 8 kinds of Vitamin B Complex. You can also refer to these natural foods for daily nutritional intake to obtain these 8 kinds of Vitamin B Complex:

Precautions for taking Vitamin B Complex

Vitamins required by the human body are mainly divided into two types: water-soluble and fat-soluble. Different types of vitamins (vitamins) need to be taken in different ways!

Since Vitamin B Complex is a water-soluble vitamin,

When ingested from food, if it is blanched or boiled, it is easily lost in the soup and water, and it is easily absorbed by the body.

​But it is not easy to be stored in the body. Excessive intake will be excreted in the urine, so it needs to be supplemented daily.

When using Vitamin B Complex health food, remember to read the nutrition label to understand what nutrients you eat every day, and what proportions you need every day. This is the first step to take control of your health!

How to eat when supplementing Vitamin B Complex is also very important.

Here are some precautions that need to be paid attention to in the way of eating, or the effects and benefits of different ingredients due to the combination of ingredients.

1. Generally speaking, Vitamin B Complex is recommended to be consumed 30 minutes after any meal during the day. If you are prone to fatigue in the afternoon, you can replenish it after lunch and take sufficient intake of B Complex daily To continue its effectiveness.

2. Only meat contains vitamin B12, so many vegetarians lack this nutrient. In addition, the elderly who have undergone stomach surgery or have a poor absorption rate is also prone to a lack of vitamin B12.

3. Alcohol, tea, and coffee will interfere with the absorption of Vitamin B Complex, so it is recommended to take it with plenty of boiled water, so pay attention to the way of eating.

Daily recommended amount for Vitamin B Complex

In addition to the precautions on how to eat, another important point is how to eat enough to not exceed the amount.

According to the recommended intake of Chinese dietary nutrients,

B1 Recommended intake (DRIs): 0.9~1.2mg

B2 Recommended intake (DRIs): 1.0~1.3mg

B3 (nicotinin) Recommended intake (DRIs): 14-16 mg <Upper limit intake (UL): 35mg>

B5 (Pantothenic acid) Recommended intake (DRIs): 5mg

B6 Recommended intake (DRIs): 1.5~1.6mg<Upper limit intake (UL): 80mg>

​B7 (Biotin) Recommended intake (DRIs): 30μg

B9 (Folic acid) Recommended intake (DRIs): 400μg <Upper limit intake (UL): 1000μg>

B12 Recommended intake (DRIs): 2.4μg

Who needs to supplement Vitamin B Complex?

Most people think that vitamin B Complex needs to be supplemented only when they are tired. This concept actually needs to be revised.

Vitamin B Complex is not only good for fatigue improvement, but also has great effects on sleep, immunity, and itchy and chapped skin. So it is recommended that as long as there is a deficiency in the diet, it is suitable to supplement.

  • General office worker
  • Students entering school
  • Elders
  • Vegan

In addition, the following ethnic groups are more likely to lack or need Vitamin B Complex, and more attention should be paid to the intake.

  • Have a habit of drinking
  • Three high patients
  • Poor digestion
  • pregnant moms (good for both yourself and your baby during pregnancy)

How to choose the best group B products

There are many health food brands related to Vitamin B Complex on the market. Compare the advantages and disadvantages of each in terms of eating methods and ingredients. How to choose high-quality Vitamin B Complex supplements? We have compiled the most frequently recommended brands for everyone. After the differences and similarities, sort out the following selection methods~

Selection Method 1: Identify the brand’s ingredients as “natural extraction” or “artificial chemical synthesis”

Vitamin B Complex currently on the market includes major brands on the market, most of which are chemically synthesized.

The chemically synthesized purified vitamins and inorganic minerals do not contain dozens of natural substances in the original food.

They may also contain artificial colors, preservatives, sugar, coal char, or other additives.

Even if part of it is absorbed by the body, most of them are discharged after metabolism. The process outside the body increases the burden on the human body before the benefits are shown.

Chemically synthesized Vitamin B Complex mostly comes from petroleum extracts, coal pitch derivatives, and sugar after chemical processing, or industrial products after processing.

Naturally extracted Vitamin B Complex usually adopts high-tech fermentation technology and uses natural yeast to cultivate rich nutrients, so that Vitamin B Complex and other nutrients are compounded in the yeast.

It is made after drying and grinding, which not only has a high absorption rate and safety High, bioavailability is also relatively high.

Selection Method 2: Check the source of B group raw materials and whether they have international related inspections and certifications

Even if it is a naturally extracted raw material, you should pay attention to its source. There are still different advantages and disadvantages.

Brands that use good raw materials should hope that everyone knows how well their raw materials are used.

In addition, you can also check whether the raw materials used by the brand meet the common international patent approvals.

e.g. Patent original factory certification authorization, SGS inspection, HACCP, ISO22000, Kosher certification, Non-GMO non-gene… etc. are all common indicators that can be referred to.

Selection Method 3: With beneficial compound (e.g. zinc, iron, maca/maca) effect and efficacy multiplication

Generally speaking, for men, according to the National Health Survey, most of them have a zinc deficiency. Therefore, it is convenient and efficient to supplement with Vitamin B Complex.

For women, most of them lack iron due to menstruation, so they can choose the iron-containing Vitamin B Complex as a supplement.

Of course, there are many beneficial compounds e.g. Maca/Maca, Q10, Vitamin C… and so on.

They are all helpful ingredients. You can choose the right brand for yourself according to the effects of each compound.

There is no limit to say that only boys can supplement zinc or only girls have iron deficiency problems. Everybody has a different body constitution.

Supplementing the nutrients you need is the most beneficial indicator.

Selection Method 4: Small package is better

Because the weather in Taiwan is relatively humid, the large bottles are relatively easy to be damp and deteriorate.

And because as soon as the package is opened, Vitamin B Complex will begin to be exposed to air. If it cannot be eaten within three to six months, it will greatly affect the active ingredients.

You must avoid the mentality of being greedy for petty gains or being afraid of waste.

Eating Vitamin B Complex is to make yourself healthier. Don’t lose out by eating the expired Vitamin B Complex or leave it for too long.

Selection Method 5: Capsules or powder packets are better than tablets

It is required in the manufacturing process. Usually, tablets need to be made with more chemical compounds.

Therefore, when making a brand selection, it is recommended to choose brands that use capsules or powder packs.

Selection Method 6: More peace of mind when choosing raw materials from world-class factories

When faced with many brands, choosing raw materials from world-famous factories is a good criterion for judging the quality of raw materials.

Because the quality of major manufacturers must meet the standards of various countries in the world, they must obtain a variety of inspections, so it is more secure for consumers.

Selection Method 7: A big reminder for vegetarians

While paying attention to the intake of different brands, how to eat, and how to eat, you can achieve better results.

If you are a vegetarian, you will usually lack the B group, especially B6 and B12.

Therefore, vegetarians are usually recommended to supplement in time. Some Vitamin B Complex.

But please keep your eyes open, why? because…

More than 98% of the capsules are “meat”. The ingredient source is made of animal gelatin. Please pay special attention.

Therefore, it is recommended that when purchasing, you can choose the brand and product of “vegetable vegetarian capsule”, so as to ensure that you can choose the Vitamin B Complex that suits you best.

Where can I buy the best ​Vitamin B Complex supplements?

In recent years, food safety problems in various countries have exploded, and it is not healthy but black-hearted products that everyone spends on. Therefore, European and American products with relatively strict quality control have become popular products.

And is a large-scale medical cosmetics e-commerce company in the United States. It has a high satisfaction rate of 97% in the evaluation of Google customers. It provides global home delivery so that you can buy it without risking buying fakes through purchasing high-quality health products.

Vitamin B Complex

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