What Are The Benefits Of Iron Supplements?

Know more about iron

Iron is one of the essential elements of the human body, because iron is an important component of hemoglobin, myoglobin, and various enzymes, and is an important substance in many physiological reactions, including carrying oxygen, energy production, DNA replication, and repair also need iron to participate.

Therefore, you have to know what are the benefits of iron supplements?

Moreover, Iron also plays an important role in the development of the central nervous system, immunity, endocrine, cardiovascular, brain, and other systems, but it is also one of the nutrients that the human body often lacks.

In general, the iron we obtain from food usually exists in two forms, namely heme iron, and non-heme iron. Among them, the human absorption rate of blood iron is higher.

Did you know there are two types of iron?

Heme iron

It is mostly found in animal foods, most of which are red meat, and the human body has a high absorption rate, which is several times that of non-heme iron.

Non-heme iron

It is the most common type of iron in food, and it is commonly found in both animal and plant foods.

What are the benefits of iron/iron agent/iron ingot

There are a lot of materials on the Internet about the benefits of iron/iron agents/iron ingots.

Here I help you to organize some researches and researches related to the empirical medicine-related literature, about supplementing iron/iron agents/iron ingots to the human body, especially anemia, Those who are iron-deficit need to pay attention to related benefits:

  1. Helps “iron deficiency anemia”
  2. Helps “postpartum depression”
  3. Helps to “improve migraine”
  4. Helps “children’s intellectual development”
  5. Helps to improve “attention deficit hyperactivity disorder”
  6. Helps to improve “fatigue caused by iron deficiency”
  7. Helps “hemoglobin formation”
  8. Helps “maintain muscle health”

How to know if you lack iron? What are the symptoms of iron deficiency

After reading the effects and benefits of iron/iron agent/iron ingot, we should have a better understanding of iron.

Since iron is one of the important minerals of the human body, if the human body lacks iron, symptoms related to iron deficiency may occur, which may affect the operation of daily physiological functions.

So I have sorted it out for everyone. When the body lacks iron, what symptoms and symptoms may appear, you can check yourself to see if you are a member of iron deficiency!

10 signs and symptoms of iron deficiency that the body may have

  1. Easily tired and feel dizzy
  2. Iron deficiency anemia
  3. Often feel palpitations
  4. Easy hair loss/hair loss after childbirth
  5. Pale and weak
  6. Frequent headache/migraine symptoms
  7. Children’s mental dysplasia
  8. Nails sunken and easily broken
  9. Attention is not easy to concentrate
  10. Inflammation of the oral mucosa and poor resistance

What should I do if I lack iron? How to eat iron supplement health food/iron, how much is enough?

As mentioned earlier, because iron is one of the important minerals in the human body, if the human body lacks iron, it may appear symptoms related to iron deficiency, which will affect the operation of daily physiological functions.

An adequate amount of iron is very important for the human body, so it is actually recommended that no matter adults, children, seniors, everyone is suitable and recommended to get enough iron intake, through food is the most common practice, if there is For special needs, choosing iron supplement health food is also a very convenient way!

Who recommends supplementing iron supplement health food/iron agent/iron ingot:

  1. Pregnant women/lactating women
  2. Women with heavy menstrual bleeding
  3. Iron deficiency anemia
  4. Blood donors
  5. Vegetarian dieter
  6. Regular drinkers of coffee/tea
  7. Athletes/Athletes
  8. Drinkers/Alcoholics

In terms of iron intake, adults generally recommend about 10 mg per day for men and 15 mg for women.

For people without special medical needs, such intake is sufficient. Ingestion is not recommended to exceed 45 mg, if it exceeds, it may cause side effects such as gastrointestinal discomfort~

In terms of iron supplement health food/iron preparation/iron ingot time, it is recommended that you can eat it 30 minutes after any meal during the day!

Because most iron supplement health foods/iron preparations/iron ingot products will be compounded, such as vitamin B group, folic acid, vitamin C, etc., there are many nutrients, coupled with high human metabolism during the day, it also helps the absorption of nutrients. ~

The recommendation of iron supplement/blood supplement food list

In addition to supplementing iron by supplementing iron supplements/iron supplements/iron ingots, supplementing through food is also a recommended way~

The iron-rich food rankings also help you organize it! If you are an iron-deficient group, you can pay more attention to the intake and supplementation of the following foods!

  1. Animal blood (pig blood/duck blood)
  2. Animal liver (porcine liver, chicken liver)
  3. Red amaranth, spinach, nori, dark green vegetables
  4. Seafood (oysters, sardines, mackerel)
  5. 45-70% dark chocolate
  6. Eggs, tofu, soybeans, grains
  7. Red meat (beef, pork)
  8. Dried fruits, nuts (cashews, raisins, pistachios)

If you can’t take a balanced diet, or are busy with work and eating out, you can choose the recommended iron supplement health food/iron agent/iron ingot to supplement iron, which is also a very convenient way~

Where can I buy the best iron supplements?

In recent years, food safety problems in various countries have exploded, and it is not healthy but black-hearted products that everyone spends on. Therefore, European and American products with relatively strict quality control have become popular products.

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iron supplement

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Share 3 rules to choose high-quality iron supplement health food/iron agent/iron ingot

1. Natural extraction source is superior to chemical synthesis

Naturally extracted iron is easy for the human body to absorb and has no burden. In addition, it is also recommended to select a brand with patented high-quality iron raw materials to add, which is more guarantee for food safety and efficacy reliability!

2. Multiply with compound effect (e.g. vitamin B group, folic acid, vitamin C… etc.)

Supplementing a single formula of healthy food is relatively inefficient for busy modern people, and the combination of the compound can also complement the function of the main formula.

As far as iron is concerned, common combinations include vitamin B group, folic acid, vitamin C, etc. Vitamin B group helps to increase metabolism and relatively helps to absorb and use iron.

Folic acid is an indispensable and important component in the manufacture of red blood, and its combination with iron can be said to complement each other.

Vitamin C can increase the absorption rate of plant iron (non-blood iron) by 3 to 4 times, it is a good partnership~

3. The choice of the dosage form is also very important

If anyone who reads my article often knows, I often say that lozenges actually need to be added with more artificial compounds to make, and lozenges are also the most cost-effective dosage form for healthy foods.

Iron ingot = iron raw material powder + excipient + adhesive + chemical composition

Therefore, it is more recommended to choose the dosage form mainly in the form of capsules.


Finally, let me review the key points for you, as long as you master the following selection rules of iron supplement health food/iron agent/iron ingot, to ensure that you can choose a safe and healthy iron supplement product~

Based on the above points, a good “iron supplement health food/iron agent/iron ingot” should meet the following conditions:

  1. “Naturally extracted raw materials” is a better choice
  2. Capsules are better than tablets
  3. Combined with compound effect (e.g. vitamin B group, folic acid, vitamin C)
  4. Brands that use patented raw materials are more secure
  5. Reassuring with SGS inspection (Western medicine, heavy metals)

I hope everyone can find a suitable and safe iron supplement health food/iron agent/iron ingot for supplementation.

In addition to blood supplementation, an appropriate amount of iron is sufficient. I believe you have understood that there are many benefits, and you must be healthier together.