What Are The Side Effects Of Garlic?

What are the uses of garlic?

Garlic can be used to improve many cardiovascular and cancer-related diseases. It can also be used as an anti-mosquito fluid, to prevent bites from ticks, or to treat bacterial and microbial infections. Do you know what are the side effects of garlic?

Here are some diseases that garlic can improve:

  • Cardiovascular diseases: Hypertension, Hypotension, familial high cholesterol, Coronary Heart Disease, Heart disease, narrowing of arterie and reduced blood flow, Atherosclerosis.
  • Cancer: Colon Cancer, Rectal Cancer, Stomach Cancer, Breast Cancer, Prostate Cancer, Multiple Myeloma, Lung Cancer, Blader Cancer.

The function of garlic

Garlic contains a chemical substance called Allicin, which seems to be the main element for garlic to improve the above diseases.

The reason garlic has a “garlic smell” is also caused by allicin. Some products will remove the taste of garlic through fermentation but will reduce the effectiveness of garlic.

When eating supplements containing garlic ingredients, it is recommended to choose products with Enteric Coating type, so that the tablets will be dissolved in the intestine instead of the stomach, and the absorption effect is better.


Please consult a physician, pharmacist or herbalist before taking garlic supplements if:

Pregnancy or breastfeeding

It is not clear whether it is safe to use garlic during pregnancy or breastfeeding. To be conservative, please avoid using it as much as possible, or just follow the doctor’s instructions.


It is safe for children to use garlic in an appropriate amount in the short term, but some data indicate that it may be dangerous to consume large amounts of garlic.


Allergies to garlic, medicines, herbs, or other substances, including food, artificial colors, food preservatives, animals, etc.

Those taking other medicines

Whether prescription or over-the-counter medicines, you should tell your doctor before combining garlic supplements.

Patients about to undergo surgery

Garlic may prolong the bleeding time and affect blood pressure, so please stop using garlic and related products 2 weeks before the operation.


Those suffering from other diseases should inform the physician and pharmacist before using garlic supplements. In addition, if garlic is applied to the skin, it may cause burns.


Compared with Western medicine, the relevant regulations of herbal medicine are less strict, and more research is needed to establish the safety of herbal medicine.

Therefore, before taking herbal nutrition, please discuss with the herbalist or physician to confirm that the benefits outweigh the risks before using.

What are the side effects of garlic?

The side effects of eating garlic include bad breath, body odor, diarrhea, nausea and vomiting, sweating, dizziness, bleeding, Asthma, allergies, severe skin irritation, and injury.

Not everyone will have these symptoms, and the above may not include all side effects. If you still have doubts, please consult a physician or herbalist.

Potential interactions with garlic

Garlic may interact with the medication you are taking. Please consult an herbalist or physician before using it, and pay attention to the following medications that may cause interaction:


Garlic may reduce the body’s absorption of isoniazid and affect its efficacy.

AIDS drugs

The simultaneous use of garlic and AIDS drugs may reduce the effectiveness of AIDS drugs. AIDS drugs include: Nevirapine (trade name: Viramune), Delavirdine (trade name: Rescriptor), and Efavirenz (trade name: Sustiva) ).


Garlic will increase the rate at which the body decomposes saquinavir, thus reducing the efficacy of saquinavir.

Birth control pills

Some birth control pills contain Estrogen, and garlic may increase the rate at which the body breaks down estrogen.

Therefore, if you use garlic at the same time when using birth control pills, it may reduce the effectiveness of the birth control pills.

Contraceptive pills containing estrogen include Ethinyl Estradiol, Levonorgestrel, ethinylestradiol, and norethindrone, etc.


Garlic may increase the rate of decomposition of cyclosporine in the human body if used simultaneously may reduce the effectiveness of cyclosporine.

Drugs that can affect the liver

Garlic oil may reduce the rate at which the liver breaks down drugs. If garlic oil and drugs that are affected by the liver are used at the same time, the strength and side effects of the drugs may be enhanced.

If you take the following medicines, please consult your physician before using garlic oil.

  1. Cytochrome P450 2E1 Substrates (CYP2E1): Acetaminophen, Chlorzoxazone, ethanol, theophylline.
  2. Surgical anesthesia drugs: Enflurane, Halothane, Isoflurane, and Methoxyflurane.
  3. Cytochrome P450 3A4 Substrates (CYP3A4): Lovastatin, Ketoconazole, Itraconazole, Fexofenadine, Triazolam, etc.

Drugs that reduce the rate of blood clotting (anticoagulants, antiplatelet agents)

Garlic may reduce the rate of blood clotting. If used in conjunction with drugs that reduce the rate of blood clotting, the risk of bruising and bleeding may increase.

Drugs include Aspirin, Clopidogrel, Diclofenac, Ibuprofen, Naproxen, Dalteparin, Enoxaparin, Heparin, Warfarin, etc.

Some physical symptoms or diseases may also interact with garlic. Please consult an herbalist or physician before use:

  • Abnormal bleeding: Garlic may increase the risk of bleeding, especially fresh garlic.
  • Stomach and other digestive problems: Garlic can irritate the digestive tract. Use garlic with caution if you have gastrointestinal problems.
  • Hypotension: If you use garlic in hypotensive patients, your blood pressure may become lower.

The recommended dosage of garlic

The following information is not a medical diagnosis, please consult a physician or herbalist before use. The dosage of garlic supplements.



    • 300 mg garlic powder tablets, taken daily, can be taken once or divided into 3 times for a maximum of 4 years.
    • Garlic supplements, 150 ml each time, twice a day for 24 months.
    • It contains 250 mg of aged garlic extract and is used daily for 12 months.
    • A compound product containing garlic, containing 300 mg of aged garlic extract, 4 tablets each time, used once a day for 1 consecutive year.

Colon and rectal cancer

    • Capsules containing 2.4 ml of aged garlic extract, used daily for 12 consecutive months.


    • 300 to 1500 mg of garlic tablets are used multiple times a day for 24 consecutive weeks.
    • 2400 mg of garlic powder tablets, used daily, can be taken once or 600 mg for 12 weeks.
    • Capsules containing 960~7200 mg of aged garlic extract can be taken three times a day and used daily for 6 consecutive months.
    • 500 mg of garlic oil plus 600 mg of fish oil is used daily for 60 consecutive days.

Prostate cancer

    • Use 1 mg of water-soluble garlic extract per 1 kg of body weight and use it daily for 1 month.

Tick ​​bite

    • contains 1200 mg of garlic capsules, used daily for 8 weeks.

Topical use

For the treatment of Anhui bacteria infections, such as Ringworm, Jock itch, Athlete’s foot (commonly known as Hong Kong foot), you can use products containing garlic-Ajoene, like Cream (the garlic component accounts for 0.4%), gel (the garlic component accounts for 0.6%), used twice a day for 1 week.

The appropriate amount of garlic varies from person to person and will be affected by other diseases such as age and health.

Garlic-related nutrients are not necessarily safe, please consult a physician or herbalist to determine the appropriate dosage.

Type of finished product

Tablets, powders, capsules, extracts, gels, creams.

Where can I buy the best garlic supplements?

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