What Are The Side Effects Of Maca?

What is Maca?

Maca scientific name Lepidium meyenii, also known as Peruvian ginseng.

Maca is a plateau plant of the cruciferous family. It is native to plateau plants above 4000 meters above the Peruvian Andes in South America.

It survives in extreme climatic environments, thus creating its toughness.

​Containing unique ingredients Macaamide and Macaene have significant benefits for body balance.

According to a 2002 study of Cruciferous Maca, dried Maca roots are rich in protein (10.2%), carbohydrates (59%), fatty acids (2.2%), 20 amino acids, 7 minerals, 8 kinds of vitamins, and a variety of alkaloids, glucosinolates, sterols, polysaccharides, taurine, plant polyphenols, and saponins and other active ingredients.

The human body effects of Maca

Many experts have recommended that taking Maca has many benefits.

Here is a summary of the effects of Maca.

The main Maca effects are listed below for your reference.

You can also better understand the effects and benefits of supplementing Maca on the body.

  1. Helps improve “sperm quality” and help conception.
  2. Helps improve “erectile dysfunction and impotence”.
  3. Can enhance “male sexual desire”.
  4. The ingredients help promote “sexual function”.
  5. Helps relieve “female menopausal symptoms”.
  6. Helps to improve “irregular menstruation” and “period disorder”.
  7. Helps increase “muscle endurance” and resist fatigue.
  8. Helps improve “sleep quality” and improve insomnia symptoms.
  9. Helps regulate “physiological function” and balance hormones in the body.
  10. Helps to adjust “memory”, improve learning and work efficiency, and other benefits.

Maca deficiency and symptoms

In addition to the benefits of supplementing Maca to the human body, it is also necessary for people who have the following symptoms in medical research to supplement Maca.

  1. Can’t promote sex.
  2. The amount of sperm motility is low.
  3. Discomfort during menopause.
  4. Irregular menstruation.
  5. Tired easily.

What are the side effects of maca?

Although Maca has many benefits to the human body, in addition to paying attention to how to eat it, it is also very important to control the intake.

Excessive amounts are not good.

Maca has always been one of the food sources of the Incas in the high mountains of the Andes. It can be cooked and eaten together with other food ingredients.

For hundreds of years, no toxicity has been found. The experimental data on the safety of Maca also pointed out that Maca is safe in vivo and in vitro tests.

​In addition, because Maca is rich in vitamin K, it is recommended not to use it with anticoagulants to avoid side effects.

And because Maca is rich in iodine and Glucosinolates, patients with goiter-related diseases must first ask a professional physician for instructions before supplementing Maca ingredients.

Maca and natural food

Maca itself is a natural food, but due to its high fiber content, it may be difficult to digest. In addition, it is difficult to obtain, the most recommended way is to supplement it from natural Maca extract health food.

Please choose a combination such as natural vitamin B complex, zinc, or other ingredients to match the best.

Note for Maca

How to eat when supplementing Maca is also very important. The following are more precautions in the way of eating, or the effects and benefits of different ingredients due to the combination of ingredients.

Generally speaking, it can be eaten after three meals, but it is recommended to eat after the morning meal for the best effect.

People with hyperthyroidism, liver and kidney disease, pregnant women, breastfeeding women, it is recommended to take it after evaluation by a doctor.

People who take related anti-hormonal drugs (may interfere with drug action).

Those taking anticoagulant drugs (Maca is rich in vitamin K to help blood clotting).

Maca recommended intake

In addition to the precautions on how to eat, another important point is how to eat enough to not exceed the amount.

In most studies, it is stated that the daily intake of Maca is about 0.5~3 grams to be good for the human body, and the maximum intake is recommended by the Ministry of Scientific Research and Health. The daily intake of Maca should not exceed 25 grams.

Need to supplement the Maca ethnic group

Most people think that only older men need to supplement Maca. This concept actually needs to be revised.

Maca has great effects and benefits in nutritional supplement and maintenance of physical strength, and in terms of hormonal treatment for menopausal disorders and stress, Maca has very good effects.

Therefore, it is recommended for office workers, the elderly, athletes, men and women to supplement it.

  1. Tired office workers who often work overtime.
  2. People who want to enhance their athletic performance.
  3. Friends who want to improve nightlife.
  4. Those who have trouble with menopause.
  5. Those who are physically exhausted and feel tired.

How to choose the best Maca products?

There are many Maca-related health food brands on the market. Compare each with its own advantages and disadvantages in terms of eating methods and ingredients. How to choose high-quality Maca? After we have unified the differences and common points between the brands, we have sorted out the following The method of choosing, the method of choosing a high-quality Maca

Method 1: Choose black, purple Maca is better

Generally divided into 4 colors, white, yellow, purple, and black.

Since the production of black Maca is relatively rare, the quality is considered the highest in the market, and the price is of course the highest.

In most efficacy studies, the effect of dark Maca is better than the yellow Maca.

Method 2: Choose a large factory patented Maca material with high purity

The largest Maca factory in the world is MacaPro®, which uses relatively high-quality dark black and red Maca, and its raw materials have undergone low-temperature gelatinization technology to retain nutrients and improve absorption.

And after 6 times of concentrated extraction, it is easier to reach the recommended intake.

Method 3: Combine beneficial compound ingredients (zinc, B complex, arginine, Turner leaf, etc.) to multiply the effect and efficacy

From the research point of view, the benefits of compound Maca (with zinc, B complex, arginine, turner leaf, etc.) are added!

Therefore, the more experienced R&D team will use compound ingredients in formula design in order to increase efficiency and effect.

Method 4: The main compound is only guaranteed when the patented raw materials are recognized

When faced with many brands, the selection of patented raw materials is a good criterion for judging the quality of raw materials. All patented raw materials taken internationally must pass various inspections, so it is also relatively safe for consumers.

Method 5: The effect of choosing a sufficient amount of added product is better

When choosing various brands of Maca, it can be observed that many brands of Maca do not indicate the content, or use relatively inferior yellow Maca from the mainland, India, etc..

Eat health supplements and wipe skincare products. If the intake is insufficient, the effect will not be fully realized. Brand manufacturers with relevant certifications are more at ease eating it themselves.

Method 6: Choose natural extract compound to reduce the body burden

The natural extract formula has high bioavailability and safety and does not need to use chemically synthesized materials to increase the body’s burden.

Method 7: Small packaging is better

Health foods are frequently switched on and off, which are easy to absorb water and become damp.

Large bottles are relatively easy to be damp and deteriorate if they are switched on and off daily.

Method 8: Choose brands that have passed many inspections and certifications

In the face of many brands, of course, the more inspections and certifications the product obtains, the better, and let a credible unit help you check.

Method 9: Capsules or powder packets are better than tablets

It is required in the manufacturing process. Usually, tablets need to be added with more chemical compounds to be made.

Therefore, when making a brand selection, it is recommended to choose the brand of capsule-type to give priority.

Method 10: Vegetarians should pay attention to whether it is vegan or not

​While paying attention to the intake of different brands, how to eat, and how to eat to achieve better results, with the change in eating habits, there are more and more vegetarians.

Vegetarians should remember to pay attention when choosing the brand. Whether it is vegan or not, if it is a capsule, you should also pay attention to whether it is a plant-based capsule.

Where can I buy the best maca supplements?

In recent years, food safety problems in various countries have exploded, and it is not healthy but black-hearted products that everyone spends on. Therefore, European and American products with relatively strict quality control have become popular products.

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