What Are The Side Effects Of Rosemary?

What are the uses of rosemary?

Rosemary is an herbal medicine that people extract and refine into essential oils to make medicine.

Rosemary can be used to treat:

  • Indigestion problems, including Heartburn, Intestinal gas-cysts, flatulence, liver and gallbladder diseases, and lack of appetite
  • Gout
  • cough
  • headache
  • Memory loss due to old age

Please note that some women increase their menstrual flow due to taking rosemary, but it leads to miscarriage.

Rubbing rosemary on the skin has the following effects in local areas of the body:

  1. Prevention and treatment of baldness
  2. Rosemary can be used to treat circulatory diseases, toothaches, skin diseases such as Eczema, and joint or muscle pains such as Myalgia, Sciatica, Intercostal neuralgia
  3. Wound healing
  4. Balneotherapy or balneotherapy
  5. Can be used as an insect repellent

If you add rosemary to food, it becomes a spice. Generally, when cooking food, rosemary leaves and rosemary oil are used; in addition, rosemary oil can also be added to the beverage.

If made into processed products, rosemary oil is an aromatic component of soap and perfume.

The principle of rosemary

Regarding the medicinal efficacy of rosemary, there is not yet enough research to support and prove it.

If you have questions, please consult your herbalist or physician for more information.

But what is certain is that when rosemary is applied to the scalp, the skin will be stimulated, which can promote blood circulation in the body.


If you have the following situations, please consult your doctor, pharmacist or herbalist first:

  1. Pregnancy or lactation: If you are pregnant or breastfeeding, you should only take the medicine recommended by your doctor.
  2. Are taking other medicines: including prescription medicines or medicines without a prescription.
  3. Allergic to any substance containing rosemary: or allergic to other medicines, herbs.
  4. Suffering from other diseases: for example, disorders of the physiological system, or any other health conditions.
  5. Allergies to certain substances: such as specific foods, artificial colors, preservatives, or animal allergies.

Compared with the specifications of medicines, the relevant regulations of herbal medicines are not so strict.

More research is needed to prove the safety of herbs, but in any case, the benefits of taking herbal supplements must be greater than the risks before they can be used, so please discuss the relevant information with the herbalist or physician first.

Is it safe to use rosemary?

Adding a small amount of rosemary to food is mostly safe.

For the average person, it is also safe to use rosemary as a medicine, such as: taking it orally, wiping the skin, or inhaling it as an essential oil for aromatherapy.

But please pay special attention that it is not safe to take undiluted rosemary essential oil by mouth. Also remind that people with the following conditions, please pay special attention:

Pregnancy and breastfeeding

When the dosage of oral rosemary reaches the medicinal level, it is likely to be unsafe.

Please note that rosemary may stimulate menstrual cramps or affect the uterus, which can lead to miscarriage.

It is still not known exactly how safe it is to wipe rosemary on the skin during pregnancy, so for your safety, the medicinal dose of rosemary during pregnancy should not be greater than the edible dose of rosemary.

If you are using rosemary for medical purposes during breastfeeding, please pay attention to the dosage. So far, there is not enough reliable information to know what effect rosemary will have on nursing babies.

Allergic to Aspirin

Rosemary contains a chemical that is very similar to aspirin: Salicylate. People who are allergic to aspirin will also have an allergic reaction to rosemary.

Bleeding disorders: People with abnormal blood clotting function, if using rosemary, may increase the risk of bleeding and congestion.

Therefore, people with abnormal coagulation function should take it with caution.

Seizure disorder

Rosemary may make seizures worse. People with epilepsy should never take rosemary.

What are the side effects of rosemary?

Taking too much rosemary can cause vomiting, uterine bleeding, kidney irritation, skin redness, sensitivity to sunlight, and allergic reactions.

Not everyone will have these side effects, and some side effects are not listed above. If you have any doubts about the side effects of rosemary, please consult your herbalist or physician.

Potential interactions using rosemary

Rosemary may interact with the medication you are taking or medical conditions. Please consult your herbalist or physician before taking it.

Recommended dosage

The information provided above should not be used as a substitute for professional doctors. Before taking rosemary, please consult your herbalist or physician.

What is the general usage?

The following are the doses used in the investigation during scientific research:

Dosage wiped on the skin

Alopecia areata for patchy treatment: The doses used in the investigation are: 3 drops or 114 mg of rosemary essential oil, 2 drops or 88 mg of thyme essential oil, 3 drops or 108 mg of lavender essential oil, cedarwood 2 drops of essential oil or 94 mg.

After mixing these 3 kinds of essential oils, mix them with 3 ml of jojoba oil and 20 ml of grape seed oil. Use these mixed essential oils every night to massage the scalp for 2 minutes.

Apply a hot towel to your head to increase the absorption of essential oils on your scalp.

The dosage of each patient is different, depending on age, health, and other conditions. Herbs are not absolutely safe, please consult your herbalist or physician to determine the best dosage for you.

Type of finished product

Rosemary’s finished products have the following forms depending on the dosage:

  1. Rosemary extract in a sealed capsule
  2. Rosemary liquid extract
  3. Rosemary Flower Tea
  4. Rosemary essential oil

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