What Are The Side Effects Of Taking Apple Cider Vinegar?

What are the uses of Apple Vinegar?

Apple Vinegar is a brewed juice formed by fermentation after the apple is squeezed, and it can also be used for medicine.

Apple Vinegar can be drunk alone or with honey.

In addition to the well-known weight loss effects, it can also be used to improve Osteoporosis, leg cramps, and pain, stomach discomfort, sore throat, sinus discomfort, high blood pressure, Arthritis, etc. symptom.

Not only that, but Apple Vinegar also helps the body to detoxify, stimulate thinking, slow down the speed of aging, regulate blood pressure, lower cholesterol, and reduce infection.

Some people apply Apple Vinegar to the skin to fight acne, moisturize the skin, repair sunburned skin, treat mosquito bites, and prevent dandruff. Some people add Apple Vinegar to the bath to treat vaginal infections.

In terms of diet, Apple Vinegar is a refreshing and appetizing flavoring agent, often used in cold dishes.

How Apple Vinegar works

There is not enough research to fully support the principle of Apple Vinegar. If you want to know more detailed information, please consult your herbalist or physician.

However, it is currently known that Apple Vinegar contains nutrients such as Acetic Acid, Vitamin B, and Vitamin C, which can promote intestinal peristalsis and help Diabetes to lower blood sugar.


If you encounter the following conditions, please consult a physician, pharmacist, or herbalist to determine whether it is suitable to use Apple Vinegar:

  • Pregnancy or lactation: If you are pregnant or breastfeeding, you should only take the medicine recommended by your doctor.
  • Are taking other medicines: including prescription medicines or medicines without a prescription.
  • Allergic to any substance containing Apple Vinegar: or allergic to other drugs or herbs.
  • Suffering from other diseases: for example, disorders of the physiological system, or any other health conditions.
  • Allergies to certain substances: such as specific foods, artificial colors, preservatives, or animal allergies.

Compared with the regulation of medicines, the regulation of herbal medicines is less strict, and more research is needed to prove its safety.

Before use, please make sure that the benefits outweigh the risks. It is recommended to consult an herbalist or physician for more information.

Is it safe to take Apple Vinegar?

Basically, it is safe to add Apple Vinegar to the diet and a moderate diet. However, a large amount of Apple Vinegar may be harmful to the human body.

If you consume more than 226.8 milliliters (ml) of Apple Vinegar a day, it may cause low potassium and other problems in the long run.

Special considerations

  • During pregnancy or breastfeeding: It is still unknown whether it is safe to consume Apple Vinegar during pregnancy or breastfeeding. Therefore, for safety reasons, pregnant women and breastfeeding mothers should not consume it.
  • Diabetic patients: Apple Vinegar may lower the blood sugar of diabetic patients, so blood sugar levels must be closely monitored. If you are undergoing diabetes treatment, you must adjust the amount of Apple Vinegar as recommended by your doctor.

What are the side effects of taking apple cider vinegar?

Using Apple Vinegar may cause the following side effects:

  1. Prolong the emptying time of the stomach
  2. indigestion
  3. Low potassium, bone loss
  4. Erosion of enamel
  5. Burning throat
  6. Burning skin

However, not everyone using Apple Vinegar will cause side effects. The above side effects are only common symptoms, not all of them.

If you have any doubts about the side effects of Apple Vinegar, please consult your doctor.

Potential interaction

Apple Vinegar may interact with the medications you are taking, and it may also interact with your own physical health.

Therefore, before consuming Apple Vinegar, please consult a herbalist or physician. In addition, please note that the following may interact with Apple Vinegar Effective drugs:


A large amount of Apple Vinegar will reduce the potassium content in the body, and if the potassium content is too low, it may increase the side effects caused by foxglove.


Insulin or a large amount of Apple Vinegar may reduce the potassium content in the body. If you consume Apple Vinegar and administer insulin at the same time, the potassium content in the body may be too low. If you are a patient who needs insulin administration, please avoid excessive consumption of Apple Vinegar.

Diuretic Drugs

In addition to a large amount of Apple Vinegar and insulin, diuretics also reduce the potassium content in the body.

If you consume Apple Vinegar and diuretics at the same time, it may cause the potassium content in the body to be too low.

Diuretics that may reduce the amount of potassium in the body include Chlorothiazide, Chlorthalidone, Furosemide, Hydrochlorothiazide.

Recommended dosage

The information mentioned in this article cannot replace the medical advice of a doctor. Before using Apple Vinegar products, please consult your herbalist or physician.

What is the general usage?

The suitable dosage of Apple Vinegar varies from person to person and depends on the individual’s age, health status, and other factors.

Not everyone is safe to consume. Therefore, please discuss with a herbalist or physician to find out the most suitable dosage for you.

Type of finished product

Apple Vinegar’s manufactured products mainly include the following types:

  • Sealed Apple Vinegar
  • Organic Apple Vinegar Juice
  • Apple Vinegar drops

Where can I buy the best Apple Cider Vinegar?

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Apple cider vinegar

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