What Is Eye Floaters?(How To Treat)

“I can see that there are a few black spots that keep following, what should I do?”

“Sometimes recently, my eyes will see one or two black lines, but they won’t appear all the time. How could this happen?”

These may be the symptoms of Eye Floaters. Do you know what is Eye Floaters?? What is the reason for Eye Floaters?

Eye Floaters is a problem that is not easy to disappear once it appears, and it is difficult for modern medicine to improve.

Today, let me spend 5 minutes talking to you about Eye Floaters and integrate Eye Floaters’ causes, symptoms, improvement and treatment, maintenance and Prevention… and other levels of information to share with you.

What Is Eye Floaters?

According to statistics, 90% of Eye Floaters are caused by eye aging. In recent times, with the popularization of 3C products and the increase of myopia, according to the latest statistics: more than 15% of young people under 30 years of age have appeared Eye The symptoms of Floaters show that the speed of aging of the eyes of modern people has gradually accelerated.

Eye Floaters patients most often mention that there will be inexplicable black spots or shadows like dots, branches, caterpillars, mosquitoes, etc. in the visual field. Even if the eyes stop moving, these black spots will continue to move, just like mosquitoes. It is the same as flying in front of the eyes, so it has the name “Eye Floaters”.

Eye Floaters are a kind of conscious symptom. The official name in medicine is “vitrified opacity or vitreous degeneration”. This is due to the progressive degeneration and shrinkage of the vitreous, which in turn produces some colloidal adhesions or cell debris. On the surface, an annoying “flying mosquito” is formed. The symptoms are usually more obvious when looking at a blank wall or blue sky, especially in patients with high myopia or after cataract surgery.

Common causes and types of Eye Floaters

Eye Floaters are mostly caused by changes in the vitreous body of the eyeball and can be divided into three categories: “physiological”, “degenerative” and “pathological” according to the causes.

Seeing black shadows like flying mosquitoes in the field of vision is called “inside view phenomenon” because the impurities in the vitreous are imaged on the retina.

Eye Floaters Type 1: Physiological Eye Floaters (about 20%)

Several black spots occur mostly under the age of 40.

It is mainly the impurities naturally formed by the physiology of the eye, and most of them will gradually disappear without treatment.

Eye Floaters Type 2: Degenerative Eye Floaters (approximately 75%)

1-2 black spots or ring-shaped impurities mostly occur in people over 40 years old.

The main causes are normal aging, high myopia, eye surgery, or trauma, and the vitreous body will basically be in a state of smooth separation, and most of them will gradually disappear without treatment.

Eye Floaters Type 3: Pathological Eye Floaters (approximately 5 %)

There may be dozens or even hundreds of black spots. Eye Floaters caused by the disease are seriously afraid of blindness.

May cause diseases e.g. Retinal holes/peeling, glaucoma, macular degeneration, diabetes, high blood pressure, etc. are all possible factors. It is recommended to seek medical treatment and assistance as soon as possible.

How is Eye Floaters treated? Can surgery, eye drops, or medicine be improved?

Many people are deeply troubled by Eye Floaters, but before looking for the treatment and improvement of Eye Floaters, the first thing to do is to confirm what the “cause” of Eye Floaters is.

So the first step is recommended: first find an ophthalmologist and do a thorough retina examination.

If they belong to physiological and degenerative Eye Floaters, there is no problem with the retina. Most of them do not need to be treated through active treatment such as surgery. Many patients may also gradually improve symptoms through correct eye habits.

However, if the doctor finds that it is a pathological Eye Floaters or there is eye inflammation, it will arrange for further examination and treatment. Assuming that there is even a retinal hole or peeling phenomenon, it may arrange related surgery to repair it.

Can eye drops or medicine improve Eye Floaters?

Unfortunately, there is currently no way to improve Eye Floaters through eye drops. The main reason is that Eye Floaters are lesions in the vitreous, and eye drops cannot reach this position.

Oral drugs are usually difficult to achieve therapeutic effects, but if they belong to pathological Eye Floaters caused by diabetes or high blood pressure, fixed blood pressure drugs or sugar control drugs are prescribed under the prescription of a physician. For the prevention of Eye Floaters or avoidance, Eye Floaters deteriorate further, it will help!

To sum up, there is still a lack of effective drugs or surgery that can completely cure. Many medical journals also mention that benign Eye Floaters will not harm the eyes. Trying to coexist with it is now a more feasible way, and remember every six months Follow up regularly for one year. If there are new symptoms or changes, you need to return to the clinic early.

When should I return to the doctor immediately?

Since most Eye Floaters are physiological or degenerative, if there are no vitreous and retinal lesions, they usually only need to be tracked regularly. However, if the following conditions occur, you should immediately return to the office for an examination.

  1. Eye Floaters appearing for the first time
  2. There are more black spots than usual
  3. Flashes of vision
  4. Darken around the field of vision
  5. Vision is affected

Am I a high-risk group of Eye Floaters?

Seeing that everyone should be more aware of Eye Floaters at present, after understanding the reasons for Eye Floaters, I have also organized the high-risk groups of Eye Floaters for everyone.

If you or your relatives and friends are the following groups, remember to be more Pay attentive to your vision and eye condition!

  1. People over 40 years of age
  2. High myopia
  3. People who have had eye injuries
  4. People who have had cataract surgery
  5. Diabetics
  6. Hypertensive patients
  7. Patients with inflamed eyes

Can Eye Floaters be prevented?

According to current medical treatment, Eye Floaters is a disease that can not be cured. Although most of them will not actually cause unbearable health problems, they still relatively affect daily life, so let’s share daily life and diet with you. 3. Selection of health food ingredients, which helps maintain eye health!

Eye Floaters deduct the natural degradation caused by aging, modern people are more caused or aggravated by bad eye habits, so first of all, the most important first step to prevent Eye Floaters is good eye habits!

1. To prevent Eye Floaters, you need 6 good eye habits:

  1. Avoid prolonged eye contact
  2. Eye rest 30 minutes 5 minutes
  3. Keep reading well and stable without flickering
  4. For reading and writing, please keep a distance of 30 cm
  5. Wear sunglasses and hats properly to avoid UV damage
  6. Avoid excessive use of 3C products

2. Prevent the 5 healthy lifestyle habits you need for Eye Floaters:

  1. Avoiding staying up late will help relieve the burden on your eyes
  2. Avoid smoking and drinking
  3. Try to maintain a steady mood and avoid constant anger
  4. Avoid eating too cold, spicy and salty
  5. Go to the ophthalmology department regularly for eye health checks

3. Health food that can provide eye nutrition and contribute to eye health 7 major ingredient recommendations:

  1. Lutein
  2. Zeaxanthin
  3. Anthocyanin
  4. Phycoerythrin (Astaxanthin)
  5. Vitamin/Vitamin C
  6. Vitamin/Vitamin B Complex
  7. Fish Oil/Algae Oil (Omega-3)

To prevent or improve Eye Floaters, you need to make efforts from multiple aspects of daily life. Good eye habits, healthy lifestyles, and healthy foods that are helpful for eye care under budget can provide better eye protection.

Avoid retinal lesions, macular lesions, and Eye Floaters caused by wrong eye conception. If Eye Floaters symptoms have occurred, you don’t have to worry too much.

Regular follow-up inspections can help to improve slowly. Or find a way to live peacefully with Eye Floaters~


I hope that after reading the article, you will have a better understanding of Eye Floaters and work together for the health of your eyes.