What Are The Benefits Of Taking Collagen?

People are often asking many questions about collagen! Which collagen powder brand is recommended? What are the benefits of taking collagen?

Is pro-hyp dipeptide really better? Is Japanese collagen powder better? Can pregnant women eat it?

Understand what is collagen first

Collagen is an important protein in the connective tissue of the human body and belongs to the category of fibrous proteins. Collagen is the most abundant protein in the human body.

16% of the human body is protein, collagen accounts for about 30% of it, and the total collagen accounts for about 6% of the body weight.

Collagen is widely present in our skin, joints, gums, etc., and together with related tissues is responsible for the body’s metabolisms, maintaining elasticity, supporting adhesion… and other functions.

If you compare the human body to a house structure, collagen acts like a “reinforcement” between the body and can provide support.

The human body can synthesize collagen under the condition of sufficient vitamin C and protein nutrition, but with the passage of time, the synthesis rate of collagen slows down and the loss is accelerated, and the loss of collagen is mainly due to age, ultraviolet radiation, external The greatest impact on the environment.

Therefore, to put it simply, if it is really not available through natural foods, it is to further consider the recommended and professionally assured collagen powder.

What are the benefits of taking collagen?

There is a lot of information on the benefits of collagen on the Internet.

Here I help you to organize some empirical medicine-related literature on collagen research and discuss the benefits of sufficient collagen on the human body:

  1. Beneficial to improve “skin aging phenomenon”
  2. Helps “maintain skin elasticity”
  3. Beneficial to improve “osteoporosis”
  4. Helps improve “cellulite”
  5. Good for “sarcoidosis”
  6. Beneficial to improve “osteoarthritis”
  7. Beneficial to improve “diffuse systemic scleroderma”
  8. Helps “enhance athletic ability”
  9. Helps “repair scars”
  10. Helps “improve sunburn”
  11. Helps “enhance moisturizing power”

Who should eat collagen and how should collagen be best? What about pregnant women?

As mentioned earlier, because collagen will increase with age, many people will want to make collagen supplements, but they don’t know how to eat collagen. Is it suitable for collagen?

In fact, the consumption of collagen powder does not have too special restrictions on identity. It is regarded as a healthy food with a wide acceptance of the ethnic group.

Unless there is a recommendation to consult a doctor in the treatment of specific diseases, or there is no problem of collagen loss at a young age, of course, no special need to Supplement collagen.

The consumption of collagen powder is not a big deal.

The recommended time for consumption is: to eat collagen powder before bed or on an empty stomach, which can improve the absorption rate of collagen.

It is especially recommended to supplement collagen groups:

  1. Workers who are tired from work, lack sleep and inflexible skin
  2. People who are getting older and feel loose skin, wrinkles, dryness, etc.
  3. Strong melanin secretion, resulting in the formation of various types of spots
  4. Frequent outdoor UV exposure, which leads to premature skin damage
  5. Endocrine disorders, so poor skin condition, pigmentation

Some people asked: Can pregnant women eat Japanese collagen powder? Basically, pregnant women can eat collagen powder!

Of course, I will write about how to choose and recommend the peace of mind collagen powder later.

But for pregnant women, it depends on other formulas of other collagen powders. If ingredients that are not suitable for pregnant women, such as Q10, Roselle extract, etc., are not suitable for pregnant women, special attention is required!

Therefore, pregnant women can eat collagen powder, mainly depends on the collagen compound, if it is combined with natural vitamin C, it is better recommended!

The way of eating collagen powder is also very simple. It is recommended to add it with self-made juice, milk, soy milk, or drink it directly with water. It is also a very convenient method.

Which natural foods are rich in collagen

In fact, in daily life, many foods are good sources of collagen-rich nutrients.

In addition to choosing collagen powders for healthy foods, you can also pay more attention to the intake of these foods at usual times.

First of all, you must first know that the main amino acids of collagen are represented by glycine and proline.

None of them are essential amino acids. In other words, as long as you eat balanced diet milk and meat, with good health and rest, the human body can synthesize these three amino acids.

Food recommendations for collagen synthesis/rich in three amino acids:

  1. Skins, bones, tendons of animals (cows, pigs, chickens, fish…), etc.
  2. Soybeans, whole grains
  3. Meat, seafood, egg milk

In addition, we must clarify a concept with you. There is currently no so-called “vegetable collagen” in the world. Collagen only exists in animal tissues.

Plants are rich in “gelatin” which is not equal to collagen, so like fungus, okra, stone lotus, coral grass, etc., these do not contain collagen, so vegetarians should pay more attention and do not confuse it!

How collagen is composed and lost in the human body

After reading the above collagen function, many people may already be so tempted to buy collagen powder to eat it.

Don’t worry, let me take you a picture to understand the mechanism of collagen in the human body. You can know more about how to eat collagen!

Regarding collagen, I think that in addition to open source, we must also understand throttling, so how to avoid loss is also very important, but what are the conditions that can easily lead to collagen loss?

4 common causes of collagen loss

  1. UV rays, so it is important to do sun protection
  2. Unbalanced diet, especially insufficient intake of protein and vitamin C
  3. Abnormal life and rest, tobacco, alcohol, and stress
  4. With increasing age, the laws of nature cannot resist
  5. Due to external environment e.g. too dry climate

Where can I buy the best collagen?

In recent years, food safety problems in various countries have exploded, and it is not healthy but black-hearted products that everyone spends on. Therefore, European and American products with relatively strict quality control have become popular products.

And iHerb.com is a large-scale medical cosmetics e-commerce company in the United States. It has a high satisfaction rate of 97% in the evaluation of Google customers. It provides global home delivery so that you can buy it without risking buying fakes through purchasing high-quality health products.


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Five principles for choosing high-quality collagen

Seeing this, I believe that everyone has more concepts about collagen. In fact, through a balanced diet + healthy work and rest, the body can synthesize collagen on its own, but after consideration, you still feel that you need to supplement collagen.

This is enough. By the way, I have also helped you unify the 6 rules of choosing collagen powder, so that you can eat right or not!

1. First, see the brand and team professional

A brand comes from a professional team, not just finding a foundry to make a product.

To know that a high-quality, reassuring brand and team is the core value.

It is the complete process of gathering from market research, user research, collaborative research, and development of raw materials in Europe, America and Japan, small-scale trial production, test re-testing, international inspection and certification, mass production with peace of mind, and professional consultation of customers.

So please take a look at the brand evaluation, be careful if you are too few; look at the team members, please be careful if you are not professional!

2. The small molecule of collagen raw material is the key

If it is food with too large molecular weight e.g. pigskin, pig’s feet… etc., there is no need to expect, because the human body cannot absorb it, so collagen from small molecules is very important.

3. Pay attention to the extraction method of collagen

Some collagens that emphasize hydrolysis have indeed small molecular weights, but it is still impossible to confirm whether they can be absorbed by the human body, so it is recommended to choose: collagen with hydrolysis and dipeptide (Hydroxyproline) is better.

Or called: pro-hyp dipeptide collagen is the recommended source, confirmed by Japanese experimental research!

It is a source of major Japanese manufacturers, which not only absorbs well but also provides a more secure report on the inspection.

Other collagens other than di-peptide (PO-OG), such as tri-peptide, have unclear sources, and collagen without patents and research, you really don’t have to think about it! All along, we have used “science” and “professional” to speak, if not, eating is equivalent to eating in vain.

Note. Collagen PO.OG of Japanese special dipeptide is collagen that can be detected in the human body after consumption, and the relevant efficacy evidence is published in international journals, which is currently the most scientific collagen.

4. Is the daily collagen dosage sufficient?

Basically, for adults who eat normally, the recommended intake of collagen powder per person is about 1-3 grams a day. Too little can not see the effect, and it is not beneficial to eat more. But there are different suggestions according to the extraction of different products!

5. The powder form of the dosage form is better than capsules, jellies or drinks

The content of the capsules is not big enough, I believe you don’t want to swallow more than 7 capsules at a time, and liquid drinks or jelly-like, often add too many artificial flavors and flavorings because of the taste, so it is not recommended.

The powder package part is also recommended to see the parts of the product. The fewer chemical excipients are preferred. Basically, you want to supplement collagen instead of artificial chemical burdens.

6. Collocation is very important! Vitamin C is a good partner

Remember when I mentioned that vitamin C is a key vitamin involved in collagen synthesis? Because only with the help of fibroblasts and vitamin C, collagen can be synthesized.

There are no other supplementary ingredients confirmed by related research. Just look at it. Sometimes eating more will be a burden on the body!

7. Common myths of collagen powder, are you mistaken?

The more collagen you eat, the better, there will be no side effects!

It is true that collagen powder basically has no side effects unless it is of the special constitution or is allergic to fish and pigs. It usually has side effects, which may be related to other combinations of collagen powder.

But to return to the old saying, everything is just the right amount. If you don’t eat more, the more effective it is.

If you eat too much, the body cannot absorb it. It may also cause gastrointestinal discomfort. This has nothing to do with side effects. Too.

Eating collagen powder is equal to long collagen

After seeing my illustrations above, I should understand that this is not the case.

Today, if you eat a 3-gram package of collagen, your body will not directly produce 3 grams of collagen, which will immediately make your skin full of elasticity. How could such a good thing happen!

The collagen that is taken in can only be transformed into its own collagen output after being transformed by the human body, so it cannot be converted in equal amounts.

Colloid is collagen

This is wrong! There is currently no so-called “vegetable collagen” in the world. Collagen only exists in animal tissues, so plants like jelly fungus, okra, stone lotus, coral grass, etc. are rich in “gelatin”. Without collagen.

Collagen is also very effective for rubbing

Basically, the skin cannot directly absorb the collagen through the application, so don’t be misled by advertising lines~

Is collagen effective?

As mentioned earlier, the composition of collagen is amino acids, and the human body has a “necessity judgment” on the arrangement of amino acids.

In other words, the human body will preferentially send amino acids to the places where they are most needed.

So if you eat collagen and want to beautify your face, but still don’t try to adjust your eating habits, irregular life, or try to maintain exercise, your physical condition is always bad, so even if you replenish collagen, decomposed amine basic acid will also be sent to the body’s gaps first, rather than giving you beauty.

Therefore, it is helpful to maintain youthful beauty by developing good habits, eating a balanced diet, maintaining exercise, and then supplementing adequate amounts of collagen with beneficial supplements.


Finally, let me review the key points for you. As long as you master the following collagen selection rules, you can choose a safe and healthy collagen powder product~

Based on the above points, a good “collagen” should meet the following conditions:

  1. First, see if the brand and team are professional
  2. Choosing small molecule raw materials is an important key
  3. Choose Japanese hydrolyzed collagen with dipeptide (e.g. Japanese collagen PO.OG with dipeptide)
  4. The daily dosage of 1-3 grams of collagen powder is sufficient
  5. It is better to adjust the powder package on the collagen powder dosage form
  6. Collagen powder is very important for the beneficial side formula (e.g. Vitamin C is the most important)
  7. Taiwan’s humid climate is better to choose a small package of collagen powder
  8. Collagen powder do not choose to add excess chemical additives, sugar is better
  9. SGS-tested collagen powder is the most reliable (Western medicine, heavy metal)
  10. Pregnant women carefully choose the compound of collagen powder, see more and pay more attention